We Used AI to Generate Messages for Citizen Scientists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come a long way since its inception. Advancements in technology have paved the way for sophisticated algorithms and deep learning models that are capable of performing tasks that were once deemed impossible. AI has the ability to paint you a picture of a puppy watching a sunset, help write an introduction … Read more “We Used AI to Generate Messages for Citizen Scientists”

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Frogs and Salamanders Need Your Help

Each spring, billions of amphibians, just like millions of college students, decide that it would be a good time for frenetic, uninhibited and potentially dangerous sexual escapades. They emerge from their forest burrows/dorms and, in an effort to overwhelm potential predators and/or parents/local law enforcement, they travel en masse to predetermined locations and go wild. … Read more “Frogs and Salamanders Need Your Help”

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Customized Project Recommendations on SciStarter

This is an update to a research project led by the AI and Data Science Lab of Kobi Gal at Ben-Gurion University.  Many researchers rely on SciStarter to support their research. Find examples here. In 2019,  the AI and Data Science Lab of Kobi Gal at Ben-Gurion University began a research collaboration with SciStarter to … Read more “Customized Project Recommendations on SciStarter”

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Photo of red, heart-shaped bleeding heart flowers

Citizen Science Is For Lovers!

For Valentine’s Day, we’re delving into the romance of citizen science which, at first glance, might not appear to require much delving. But at second glance, you’ll realize that citizen science is possibly the most romantic endeavor imaginable! Then at third glance, you might say, “nah, what was I thinking?” But then– stay with me … Read more “Citizen Science Is For Lovers!”

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Announcing Nine Recipients of the First Annual SciSTARter Boost Awards!

  Citizen science is powered by millions of  unsung people from all backgrounds who are curious and motivated to make a difference.  SciStarter wants to sing their praces. After nearly a decade of grassroots, bootstrapping, and volunteering efforts, SciStarter is in a position to support others in our wake. In an effort to do this, … Read more “Announcing Nine Recipients of the First Annual SciSTARter Boost Awards!”

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Photo of an Earth-viewing area of the International Space Station with holiday decorations.

Citizen Science Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a special gift for the citizen science lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place! In this podcast, we share expert picks for over a dozen unique gifts your friends and family will enjoy while they help scientists conduct important research. Listen: https://citscipod.podbean.com/e/scistarter-holiday-gift-guide-live/ Projects and websites featured in this episode include: … Read more “Citizen Science Holiday Gift Guide”

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Landscape photo of tulip poplar tree and sycamores on a late fall afternoon.

Join Citizen Science Efforts to Preserve Our Forests

With forests being wiped out worldwide by climate change, deforestation, pests and plagues, trees need all the help they can get. In this episode of the SciStarter podcast, we learn about three citizen science projects that monitor and protect trees. Also, with gift-giving season right around the corner, Bob also shares a few of his … Read more “Join Citizen Science Efforts to Preserve Our Forests”

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Two middle schoolers use their mobile phones to study cattails in a wetland area.

Citizen Science Goes to School

In this month’s SciStarter podcast, we’re heading back to school to see how teachers and even college professors are making citizen science a part of their classroom instruction. Participating in real science conducted by actual researchers can make science lessons come alive for students at all grade levels. Education leaders in Florida, North Carolina and … Read more “Citizen Science Goes to School”

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Dog Days of Science

In the latest episode of the SciStarter podcast, we celebrate National Dog Day (August 26th) with some canine citizen science. Scientists would like to learn about dog personalities and genetics; what traits help them perform well as service animals; and how environmental factors could affect their health. If you have a canine companion, you have … Read more “Dog Days of Science”

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