Quality and quantity with citizen science

Citizen science is a range of activities and projects through which people from all walks of life help advance scientific discovery. Citizen scientists bring science into the mainstream and make science relevant to their lives. As a scientist, I rely on citizen scientists as research collaborators. As a blogger, I’ve become a citizen science advocate … Read more “Quality and quantity with citizen science”

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Citizen Science Isn’t Just About Collecting Data

Nonscientists should take part in discussions about research priorities and more. This article, Citizen Science Isn’t Just About Collecting Data, originally appeared in Slate AUG. 15 2016 7:31 AM. The earthquake near Washington, D.C., five years ago in August 2011—the one that damaged the Washington Monument and the National Cathedral but had little other noticeable impact—caught … Read more “Citizen Science Isn’t Just About Collecting Data”

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PocketLab + SciStarter = a [citizen] science lab that fits in your pocket.

PocketLab connects with a single button to a smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, or computer and instantly streams data that you can see and record. PocketLab measures motion, acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic field, pressure, altitude, and temperature. Using the PocketLab app, you can easily analyze your data, create graphs, and integrate your data with other software. … Read more “PocketLab + SciStarter = a [citizen] science lab that fits in your pocket.”

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Poké Around With Citizen Science

by Jennifer Cutraro By now, you’ve surely seen, heard about, or even joined the hordes of people wandering about outdoors,  phones held right in front of their faces. In the two weeks since Pokémon Go’s release, there’s been much ado about the game: how it gets people outdoors, how it promotes physical activity, how it’s … Read more “Poké Around With Citizen Science”

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Tell Your Citizen Science Story With #MyCitSci

During Citizen Science Day, we asked our community of citizen scientists to tell their stories and experiences in words and pictures. Here, we’ve summarized many of the amazing stories we’ve heard. There is still time to tell yours. You can post them to our Facebook page or tag us on Twitter with #MyCitSci. We can’t wait to hear your story! … Read more

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Do citizen scientists have formal STEM education experiences?

Have you ever wondered? We did, too…so we asked our Twitter pals to complete a simple poll. Here are the results of our informal poll. Next: we’ll ask our friends on Facebook, poll our community of 50,000 citizen scientists, and ask citizen scientists we meet in person at upcoming events. Stay tuned!

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Coop’s Scoop: 2015 citizen science year in review quiz

Looking back on citizen science in 2015, what discoveries stand out to you? Share them in the comment section below. The following Citizen Science Quiz test your knowledge about 10 of the scientific achievements reported in the peer-reviewed literature that were made possible by citizen science. The papers span a wide range of disciplines and … Read more “Coop’s Scoop: 2015 citizen science year in review quiz”

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