It’s time to focus on health and wellness!

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It’s time to focus on what keeps you healthy! We’ve curated a list of citizen science projects working to promote health and wellness around the world. Whether you’re looking at the microbes inside of your gut or tracking your latest run, we’ve got you covered!

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Contribute to better healthcare decisions by categorizing research records! Become a Cochrane citizen scientist and work together with collaborators all over the world to connect medical records to effective treatment plans.

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Help fight obesity by connecting your wearable activity tracker, 23andMe genetic profile and diet. They can all contribute to the citizen science project Infinome which can help scientists connect the dots between behavior and genetics to cure disease!

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Understanding the trillions of microbes that make up the microbiome of your gut can help us understand how these microbes are connected to health, disease and behavior. Collect samples to compare your samples to others! The more participants that researchers have, the more they are able to connect our microbiome to health and wellness.

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Help improve rehabilitation methods of patients with a rotator cuff tear (RCT). An RCT can limit independence and mobility — but current assessments only focus on movement and strength of the shoulder. Participation in this project is for people who are over the age of 55 and have not been diagnosed with a RCT or have been diagnosed with RCT but have not yet been treated.

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Have you ever looked at an image and immediately felt relaxed? Was it puppies or a sunset over tropical beach? Work with scientists at the University of Edinburgh to evaluate and rate images for their “soothability.”

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Hunt for five malaria species in the world by playing a game! Incidents of malaria can be very time consuming to identify and with millions of cases in the world it takes a skilled technician a lot of time to identify infections. This project tests the use of games to process the same information in a fun way!

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Play Colony B to help analyze data for the American Gut project by identifying clusters of bacteria! By completing this fast-paced puzzle game helps scientists understand the microscopic life in the human gut.

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Science is often a combination of art, solving puzzles and lots of hard work. Get involved by designing RNA-based medicines and sensors through a puzzle game which then get tested in the lab.

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Discover more citizen science on the SciStarter calendar. Did you know your SciStarter dashboard helps you track your contributions to projects? Complete your profile to access free tools. Want even more citizen science? Check out SciStarter’s Project Finder! With 1100+ citizen science projects spanning every field of research, task and age group, there’s something for everyone!

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