Explore NASA Citizen Science at the First-Ever CitSciCon

SciStarter has partnered with NASA and the Citizen Science Association for the first-ever CitSciCon on May 21 – 22. This fun event features dozens of great NASA citizen science projects across 12 free online sessions with different themes, from exoplanets to ocean exploration. NASA project leaders will talk about their research and show you how to get involved! Discover the featured projects and RSVP for live online sessions on our SciStarter CitSciCon page.

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Friday, May 21 11:00 – 11:50 am ET
Grades 6-12

There’s tons of NASA citizen science you can do in the classroom, from observing Earth to helping astronauts eat better. In partnership with Science Friday, our school-focused CitSciCon session will introduce students and teachers to ideal school projects. Participants will also get the chance to ask NASA project leaders about their research.

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Friday, May 21 3:15 – 4:15 pm ET
Open to all

Phil Plait (AKA The Bad Astronomer) will be our guide as we search the skies using NASA data to find new planets. Phil will introduce the scientists leading the projects and help explain how you can get involved from home — no prior experience necessary! Then, we’ll all watch a demo of Planet Hunters TESS, guided by project leader Nora Eisner.

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Friday, May 21 4:30 – 5:30 pm ET
Open to all

Earth is a planet, too, and most of it is covered in oceans. Learn how NASA is enlisting citizen scientists to help study marine ecosystems from the poles to the tropics. Volunteers can monitor giant kelp forests from space, study Antarctic microorganisms and more!

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Credit: Laure Noverraz/Unsplash

Friday, May 21 5:45 – 7:00 pm ET
Open to all

NASA Solar System Ambassador Derek Pitts will introduce us to three citizen science projects exploring our cosmic backyard, from our largest planet to meteors falling from the heavens. Then, grab a drink and take a look up at the night sky with our virtual social hour.
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Saturday, May 22 11:00 – 11:50 am ET
Open to all

Our lifelong learning session is aimed at helping more seasoned members of the public get involved in citizen science. We’ll cover using technology to get started with citizen science, and learn about three projects that anyone can do right from home, including identifying mosquito habitats near you and searching for new planets. We’ll wrap up with a project demo that everyone can follow along with.

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People of all ages and abilities are invited to learn about, observe and document moths in their backyards, parks and other habitats. Get started from anywhere July 17 to July 25.

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For Practitioners: CitSciVirtual Citizen Science Association Conference

Ongoing, through May 24

Register for the Citizen Science Association’s online conference and catch keynote talks, workshops, posters and events. Meet and exchange ideas with others advancing work in this field: educators, community leaders, scientists, students, technologists, data managers and more.

For Libraries: Join the National Citizen and Community Science Library Network

SciStarter, in partnership with Arizona State University, is excited to announce the launch of the National Citizen and Community Science Library Network!

We know many of you have already been involved in citizen science initiatives through SciStarter and Citizen Science Month programming. We are now asking you to officially join the national network by signing up. Network members will be eligible for free webinars, community of practice meet-ups and future grant opportunities. Five lucky members will even receive a copy of The Field Guide to Citizen Science by SciStarter founder Darlene Cavalier.

How do you and your family choose science experiences?

We need your help! Our team is part of a national grant-funded project to create a resource where you can find a wide range of science events and programs in your area and across the country. It includes everything from citizen science to science festivals, museum events, public forums and more! We want to know how you and your family choose which science experiences you do, so we can create the best resource possible. Please complete this brief survey by May 31st. Thank you!

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