Six of Our Favorite New Citizen Science Projects

A kitten peers out from between two large pots.
Credit: Madelynn Woods/Unsplash
Every day, researchers who need your help add their projects to SciStarter, with topics spanning everything from canine cognition to space agriculture. We’re highlighting six of our favorite newly added projects — but don’t stop here! Use the Project Finder to search for the latest citizen science opportunities to save to your Dashboard.
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A brown dog's face from the nose up on a white background.
Credit: Lum3n/Pexels
Are dogs aware of what they know? Scientists want to figure out if dogs actually know what they know, and you can help by recording how they respond to different sounds and other prompts. Best of all, you can reward your furry friend with treats!
Location: Global

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Cairo Geniza Fragment
The latter part (verses ל-ת) of a Shevaḥ in which each line starts ברוך, followed by an alphabetically successive word. Ends ברוך תפארתו לעד אלהי האלהים followed by a citation of Psalm CXXXVI. Credit: University of Pennsylvania Books & Manuscripts, CC-BY-4.0
Transcribe scrolls from ancient Egypt alongside scientists studying the daily lives of people thousands of years ago. Volunteers classify and decode Hebrew and Arabic writing online as they explore the Cairo Geniza.
Location: Online

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Three people, backs to the camera, take pictures of clouds with their smartphones.
Credit: NASA
Pore through cloud photographs citizen scientists took with the Globe Observer: Clouds project to classify the sky. Tell NASA scientists what kinds of clouds you see, where they are and what the sky looks like to help researchers understand the effect clouds are having on Earth’s climate.
Location: Online

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A brown striped cat sits in the shade of a wall with white flaking paint. The words
Kitizen scientists report the cats they see in their neighborhood via a smartphone app and help organize data online to see how effective spay/neuter programs are around the country.
Location: United States

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Lit by pink fluorescent lights, a kid waters pots of soil in a laboratory box.
Credit: Growing Beyond Earth
What will astronauts eat in space? Middle and high school students can help explore space agriculture in the classroom by growing test crops in a plant habitat identical to the one on the space station, reporting their findings back to NASA. Educators, there’s still time to get your students involved!
Location: United States

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A new augmented-reality game great for teens asks you to find “creatures” from another dimension visiting US National Parks, and as you play, the game will suggest different citizen science projects you can participate in.
Location: United States

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Events and Opportunities

Miss Louisiana Earth Challenge: Map Wetland Loss and Climate Impacts

Wetlands matter. They’re Louisiana’s first line of defense against hurricanes, but they’re being lost at an alarming rate. You can help from anywhere in the world by participating in the online Land Loss Lookout project and identifying types of wetland loss in the Gulf of Mexico.
Starting on August 1, you can participate in Land Loss Lookout as part of Miss Louisiana Earth’s and SciStarter’s special challenge, with new data focused on climate impacts.

NASA GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Photo Challenge

Until August 25

NASA scientists need your photos of mosquito larvae and land cover to help prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Help them by submitting photos during this special challenge!

Help NASA today!

Help Create an Inventory of Safe Drinking Water

August 4 & August 15

Live in the United States? Join two live, online events for an introduction to citizen science, to learn about water infrastructure in your community and to participate in the Crowd the Tap project live in partnership with SciStarter and the Kenosha Public Library.

Take a first step for safe drinking water!

Introduction to Citizen Science in Libraries Webinar

August 25

RSVP for a general introduction to citizen science and to explore how libraries can become partners in citizen science engagement. Learn how to access SciStarter’s library resources, build kits and connect existing programs and communities to projects featured on SciStarter.

Make your library into a citizen science hub!

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