Get Ready for International Observe the Moon Night On October 1!



Come together with fellow Moon enthusiasts and curious people worldwide to learn about lunar science and exploration, participate in celestial observations and honor our connection to the Moon. Our Moon will be near its first quarter ― a great time for observing.


Want to find out how you can do your own lunar observations? Join us on September 27th for SciStarter LIVE! to hear Caela Barry from NASA talk about how to prepare for this special event.


Interested in more ways we can come together to do citizen science astronomy? Participate in these citizen science projects that further our understanding of the universe beyond the Moon!


The SciStarter Team

Credit: Nasa

On International Observe the Moon Night (October 1), people around the world are learning about and observing the Moon! Here are NASA’s simple tips for how to join in from wherever you are.

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The earth is exposed to a continuous rain of cosmic particles – detect them with your phone. Download the app to help identify cosmic rays and aid data analyzation with Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory (CREDO).


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Observe and analyze natural radio emissions of Jupiter, the Sun and our galaxy using your very own easy to construct radio telescope or by using remote radio telescopes online.

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Sungrazer Project

Find new comets in our solar system with the Sungrazer Project from NASA. Volunteers with the project have found thousands of comets to date — could you be next?

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Dark Sky
Credit: Klemen Vrankar

Life on Earth has relied on Earth’s predictable rhythm of day and night. It’s encoded in the DNA of all plants and animals. In just the last few hundred years, humans have radically disrupted this cycle by lighting up the night.

Aid scientists studying how light impacts our view of the night sky with these citizen science projects.

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Join us live (but on Zoom!) every Tuesday at 2 pm ET.

Our September 27th theme is International Observe the Moon Night.

Join us as we talk with Caela Barry from NASA about how to prepare for this special event. Learn how to get involved (internationally) and how to share this lunar experience with others.

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This month we’re heading back to school to see how teachers and even college professors are making citizen science a part of their classroom instruction.


Featuring Seek by iNaturalist, Journey North, Project Squirrel and more.

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Events and Opportunities

Gardening with Native Plants Series: Wildscaping 101 – Native Plants for Birds

September 25

Join the Colorado Native Plant Society for an engaging webinar on ways to diversify the birds found within your neighborhood or your own backyard using a variety of native plants in Colorado.

Join here!

Great North American Fungi Quest

September 15 – October 15

Join this BioBlitz to get out and discover, photograph and identify all fungi and friends, including mushrooms, slime molds and lichen. The data will be collected into one continental fungi map.

Join the Bioblitz now!

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SciStarter Team

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