Enter EPA’s Smart City Air Challenge!

What if you had access to air quality data — minute-by- minute — from hundreds of locations in your community at the same time? How would you manage that data– and how would you share it with your local residents? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is offering two communities $40,000 each to help figure that out. Currently, environmental … Read more “Enter EPA’s Smart City Air Challenge!”

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Groundbreaking Air Quality Study Demonstrates the Power of Citizen Science

  Editors Note: This is a guest post by Gwen Ottinger, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Drexel University.  She has done extensive research on community-based air monitoring and community-industry relations around oil refineries.  She is author of Refining Expertise: How Responsible Engineers Subvert Environmental Justice Challenges (NYU Press … Read more “Groundbreaking Air Quality Study Demonstrates the Power of Citizen Science”

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The Citizen Science Funding Resource Guide

Looking for ways to fund citizen science research? Check out the Citizen Science Funding Resource Guide! Jessica Clemente, an environmental science graduate thought she would be doing work outside of her community once she got her degree. But she is an asthmatic, and when she found out there was an asthma study taking place in … Read more “The Citizen Science Funding Resource Guide”

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