How One Person in Pakistan Made a Difference for Air Quality

Air quality impacts our health, our quality of life and even the length of our lives. Most people don’t think about what’s in the air they breathe — but perhaps they should. That’s the driving force behind the Pakistan Air Quality Initiative. The citizen science project wants to let people know what’s in their air. … Read more “How One Person in Pakistan Made a Difference for Air Quality”

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Right at Home with Citizen Science

Explore one of the least scientifically studied places on the planet: your home! Our editors picked these five projects to help you and scientists learn more about indoor air quality, microbes, tap water pipes, and living things lurking in your home! Find more projects you can do at home here. Cheers, The SciStarter Team

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Out of Sight, Out Of Mind: Visualizing the Invisible

When smog is so thick that it clouds our vision, we can see and acknowledge that air pollution is a problem. In December of last year, China issued its second ever red alert, their highest rating for air pollution, and last month, London broke modern air pollution records. But on days when the haze has … Read more “Out of Sight, Out Of Mind: Visualizing the Invisible”

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