Citizen Science + Science Centers

November 10th is World Science Day, presented by UNESCO, AND Science Museum Day, presented by the International Science Center. To celebrate, SciStarter’s editors have selected six citizen science projects organized by science centers. You can do several of these from the comfort of home. Thank you for making the world a better place. Peace, The … Read more “Citizen Science + Science Centers”

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Aquarium microbial ecology: a living room approach to citizen science

Sergei Winogradsky discovered nitrifying bacteria in 1890, recognizing that these microbes convert ammonia to nitrate (via nitrite). In aquatic environments, ammonia toxicity to fish is avoided almost exclusively due to the activity of these bacteria…or so it was thought. The ability to remove (or oxidize) ammonia was discovered recently in Archaea, which are an entirely … Read more “Aquarium microbial ecology: a living room approach to citizen science”

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