Citizen Science in Australia: Spotlight on Michelle Neil

As the interviewer and the author of this post, I’ll reveal my bias now: meeting Michelle Neil, the secretary and social media moderator of the Australian Citizen Science Association, was a highlight of the Citizen Science Association’s conference for me. I’m an unabashed Michelle fan. She sat down with me this past March in Raleigh … Read more “Citizen Science in Australia: Spotlight on Michelle Neil”

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Weeding: It’s Not Just for Gardeners

By Kayla Keyes, Mote Marine Laboratory Recent news about Australia‚Äôs Great Barrier Reef has been grim: the most recent aerial survey of the reef identified a stretch of bleached coral over 900 miles (1500 km) long, and scientists have declared the reef to be in a terminal stage. Studies have shown that losing the Great … Read more “Weeding: It’s Not Just for Gardeners”

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Save the Tasmanian Devil!

Tasmania, the island state of Australia, is known for its tall trees, its wild mountains, its challenging caves, but most of all for its Tasmanian Devils. While the Warner Brothers cartoon character may be responsible for this infamy, the devils themselves are fascinating creatures. They are also endangered by a mysterious disease and are the … Read more “Save the Tasmanian Devil!”

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