Exploring the Uses of BioBlitz Data: Twitter Chat on November 12

Guest Post by Troi Perkins (@theTroi) Over the past decade, citizen science has come to the forefront of environmental conservation and education. There are many tools in citizen science that brings people together, but none can boast the far-reaching effects that BioBlitzes have. A “BioBlitz” is an event where groups of scientists, academic professionals, and … Read more “Exploring the Uses of BioBlitz Data: Twitter Chat on November 12”

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Announcing Citizen Science Day 2017!

Citizen Science Day is back! SciStarter is excited to once again present Citizen Science Day in collaboration with the Citizen Science Association! This event is a chance to celebrate the millions of citizen scientists who have contributed countless hours to collect data in their backyard, analyze online images to cure diseases, build low-cost instruments,  and so much … Read more “Announcing Citizen Science Day 2017!”

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Citizen Science visits New Orleans: a 24-hour BioBlitz

Source: https://www.nps.gov/jela/barataria-preserve.htm Each year since 1996, the National Geographic Society joins with the U.S. National Park Service to host one BioBlitz, and this year it will be held down on the bayou! On May 17th-18th citizen scientists will join field biologists to map and inventory the living creatures in the Big Easy’s Jean Lafitte National … Read more “Citizen Science visits New Orleans: a 24-hour BioBlitz”

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Citizen Scientists Go Back to School

It happens every year, and you’re right: it’s just not fair. After nearly three months of uninterrupted fun, gone are the barbeques, ball games and pool parties that dominated the summer schedule just as Labor Day signals the sudden arrival of the shorter, colder, and more structured days of the school year. But before you … Read more “Citizen Scientists Go Back to School”

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BioBlitz: Explore the National Parks with National Geographic

Attention all backyard explorers and rosebush whackers: this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Your days of leading patient parents on perilous neighborhood expeditions are over. Put down that “machete.” Stop mushing the dog. Grab your merit badges. The big leagues are calling, and they want you on their next adventure! This Friday, August … Read more “BioBlitz: Explore the National Parks with National Geographic”

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Hunting for Bugs at BioBlitz

They found paper wasps, cactus flies and fruit flies. They saw dragonflies and butterflies zooming about. And when they peered into bushes like hackberry and creosote they saw ants, termites and ground beetles living underneath. They even found beetles in an old soda can. … Read more

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