Like Bugs? Here Are Six Citizen Science Projects for You!

Many of us are fascinated by insects. They creep, they crawl, they fly, and they’re everywhere!  Good thing, because we need them. Here are six insect projects you can do in your backyard, your neighborhood, at school (or in Costa Rica!). Check out the SciStarter blog for updates on your favorite projects and find new projects … Read more “Like Bugs? Here Are Six Citizen Science Projects for You!”

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May is the month to monitor Monarchs

As a child growing up in New Hampshire, I remember going with my mother to collect Monarch chrysalises for my science classes. We’d park off a nearby roadway, spy a patch of milkweed, and poke around until we found a chrysalis or two. During the next week or so, my classmates and I watched spellbound … Read more “May is the month to monitor Monarchs”

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