The Los Angeles Public Library: Make Every Walk a Nature Walk

Looking for a way to do science in your own community? Anne Olivier, an Adult Librarian at the Woodland Hills Branch of Los Angeles Public Library, wrote this post to share her tips about one of her favorite neighborhood science projects, iNaturalist, and to discuss an exciting opportunity to participate during the City Nature Challenge that … Read more “The Los Angeles Public Library: Make Every Walk a Nature Walk”

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More than 50 citizen science events are taking place today through Sunday

Looking for something to do this weekend? There are more than FIFTY citizen science events taking place today through Sunday. Among them, the City Nature Challenge and the citizen science at the Philadelphia Science Festival’s Carnival on the Ben Franklin Parkway! Check out SciStarter’s April event calendar to find something near you.

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Competition Meets Collaboration: The City Nature Challenge

When you hear the word “nature,” you’re likely to think of your last camping trip to a state park, or of grandiose landscapes with forests, lakes, and snow-capped mountains. You may remember the last trip to the beach and the variety of birds you saw while sunbathing. There are likely many images that pop into … Read more “Competition Meets Collaboration: The City Nature Challenge”

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Citizen Science in the City

We’ve got a big weekend coming up for science! Not only is Citizen Science Day on April 14th, it’s also the March for Science and we’re also preparing for the City Nature Challenge! We’ve pulled together a long list of projects you could do in a city, so there’s something for everyone! So, plan your weekend now and find a Citizen … Read more “Citizen Science in the City”

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City Nature Challenge 2017: Get started with iNaturalist and SciStarter

April 14-18, 16 cities across the United States will participate in the City Nature Challenge by going outside to document species through the iNaturalist app!  The widely anticipated event, brought to you by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences, also makes it easy for participants to earn credit for their iNaturalist observations through their SciStarter dashboards! Here’s how: … Read more “City Nature Challenge 2017: Get started with iNaturalist and SciStarter”

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