Citizen Science Test Drive: Apps for birding.

The first blog post in our new series titled “Citizen Science Test Drive,” (where we present first-person reviews of citizen science apps, tools and platforms) featured reviews of three nature apps by SciStarter contributor Lisa Gardner.  Today, we bring you Kate Atkins, a regular SciStarter contributor and avid birder. Here, Kate shares her list of … Read more “Citizen Science Test Drive: Apps for birding.”

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Don’t miss The Great Backyard Bird Count!

On the morning of Friday, February 17, I will wake up before work, pour myself a cup of coffee, and stare out my window for 15 minutes. As long as I submit my observations to the Great Backyard Bird Count, my 15 minutes of zone-out time before I jump in the shower will qualify as … Read more “Don’t miss The Great Backyard Bird Count!”

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Amy Mayer at wrote a nice story about citizen science, featuring a few insights from Science for Citizens contributors Drs. Lisa Gardiner and John Ohab. Here’s a quick excerpt: Aspiring research scientists, environmentalists, mobile technology aficionados and video game buffs all can contribute to myriad citizen science projects, along the way joining a global … Read more “ Don’t just sit there–do some science!”

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Beyond Gloom and Doom: Young Citizen Scientists Address Climate Change

It is becoming more apparent that people of all ages want to learn more than just the facts about climate change—they want to know what they can DO to address this problem. The Sciencenter in Ithaca, New York has been working on projects that go beyond learning the facts about climate change, empowering children to use science to shape a better future. Sure, we still encourage kids to save energy by turning the lights off and riding their bikes whenever possible, but a recent collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (CLO) has allowed us to start exploring citizen science as an avenue of climate change education. Three years ago we embarked on a project to engage middle school students in CLO’s NestWatch program, which contributes to our understanding of how climate change affects nesting birds. Studies have already shown that some bird species are nesting earlier in the year, which impacts important timing considerations such as food availability. With funding from the National Science Foundation, great support from scientists at CLO, and a group of middle school volunteers we began using citizen science to explore the link between climate change and nesting birds. … Read more

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Meet Our Festival Collaborators: Mary from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology

In preparation for this weekend’s USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo, we’re featuring short Q&As with our collaborating partners, so you’ll know exactly what to expect at the Science for Citizens exhibit. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Mary from Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology. She’ll be your go-to expert on all things birds. Stop … Read more “Meet Our Festival Collaborators: Mary from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology”

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