Rhetoric and Citizen Science in a Digital World

Wynn, James. Citizen Science in the Digital Age: Rhetoric, Science, and Public Engagement. The University of Alabama Press, 2017. 224 pages. Paperback $US 24.95. Citizen scientists have repeatedly faced resistance from skeptics questioning their experience, training, and ability, but recent technological advances have brought citizen science into the digital age, transforming many aspects of the … Read more “Rhetoric and Citizen Science in a Digital World”

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Uncovering ‘Ancient Lives’ With Citizen Science

The Ancient Lives project invites citizen scientists to transcribe ancient papyri texts from Greco-Roman Egypt. SciStarter is shuffling science into the language department. Explore the science of words with these citizen science projects! “One doesn’t have to call it weakness and cowardice, having to retreat, if it’s under the compulsion of a god: no, we … Read more “Uncovering ‘Ancient Lives’ With Citizen Science”

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