Celebrating Shark Week with Sevengill Sharks

This week is Shark Week so we wanted to celebrate by returning to three posts written about Sevengill Sharks and ways you can support their conservation through the Sevengill Sharks Tracking Project. ┬áThe first post (seen below) was published in 2013 with others following in 2015 and 2016. ┬áNot really into carnivorous fish? Check out … Read more “Celebrating Shark Week with Sevengill Sharks”

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Celebrate Shark Week with Some Citizen Science

You might not realize it, but it’s always out there. Planning. Growing. Waiting for the perfect time to strike. You never quite know when it will happen. Maybe July. Maybe August. But you know it’s coming, and you can’t escape it. In an awesome display of speed and power, it bursts from an otherwise calm … Read more “Celebrate Shark Week with Some Citizen Science”

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