SciStarter’s Search for Truth

We swim in an ocean of data, from both reliable and questionable sources. The citizen science projects featured below help us learn how to identify and label misleading information, ground-truth geospacial data and advance research about our own biases...all in our search for truth. … Read more

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What Lies in the Soil?

Drag your bones toward even more Halloween-themed citizen science! We know from basic ecology that organisms are adapted to their environment, and where certain organisms live should fall along a gradient of critical environmental factors such as moisture, temperature, nutrient availability, or substrate. How these factors impact diversity and distribution are questions that we could … Read more “What Lies in the Soil?”

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What’s in your water heater? NASA wants to know!

Researchers at Penn State University need your help to study the distribution of microorganisms in household hot water heaters. Turns out your everyday hot water heater can double as a model hot spring, one of Earth’s extreme environments where important clues about microbial life in the Solar System might be found. First, researchers want to … Read more “What’s in your water heater? NASA wants to know!”

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