SciStarter Halloween Special

Just in time for Halloween, here are our picks for citizen science projects that will help ward off primal fears, conspiracy theories and creature phobias. The cure for fear is knowledge, so let science light the way! … Read more

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Book Review: Seeking the Sasquatch

Gordon, David George. The Sasquatch Seeker’s Field Manual: Using Citizen Science to Uncover North America’s Most Elusive Creature. Mountaineers Books, 2015. 176 pages. Paperback US$12.26. It’s late, and you’re seeking shelter for the night after a long hike. Something’s lurking among the shadows; pungent wafts of musk barrage your nostrils. In the soft mud, you … Read more “Book Review: Seeking the Sasquatch”

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Frankenstein Outside the Castle

Dr. Frankenstein in L.I.F.E | Image courtesy of ASU It’s alive! The first time Mary Shelley introduced Dr. Frankenstein’s lab in her 1818 novel, she described it as “a solitary chamber, or rather cell, at the top of the house… I kept my workshop of filthy creation… The dissecting room and the slaughter-house furnished many … Read more “Frankenstein Outside the Castle”

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Celebrate Halloween with SciStarter

Are you looking for something to make you shudder this Halloween? You can skip the scary movies and the frightening costumes. We’ve got projects that are creepy, slimy, scary, and above all else fun!  Below, we’ve highlighted five spooky projects to help you celebrate Halloween. Find more with the Scistarter Project Finder. Cheers! The SciStarter … Read more “Celebrate Halloween with SciStarter”

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Halloween Citizen Science in the Classroom: Answer the Bat Call!

Editor’s Note: This post is part of our Citizen Science in the Classroom Series where we explore the use of citizen science projects to teach science in the classroom by aligning them with Common Core and Next Generation STEM standards . For more such projects check out the resources page for educators on SciStarter!   Did … Read more “Halloween Citizen Science in the Classroom: Answer the Bat Call!”

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Bats, Bones, Zombees! Five macabre citizen science projects for Halloween.

Drag your bones on over to our favorite, spooky research projects just in time for Halloween. Where is my Spider? Share your photos of spiders. When we understand where spiders are living today, we will be better able to predict what may happen to spiders and agriculture in the future. Get started!   Zombee Watch … Read more “Bats, Bones, Zombees! Five macabre citizen science projects for Halloween.”

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