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Citizen Scientists Help Researchers Track Disease

This post is based on the latest episode of our podcast, Citizen Science: Stories of Science We Can Do Together! In it, host Bob Hirshon talks with researchers reaching out to citizen scientists to help track infectious disease, create a national bank of biosamples and better understand neuromuscular mobility issues. Listen here: Citizen Science: Stories … Read more “Citizen Scientists Help Researchers Track Disease”

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Eterna volunteers helped explore new vaccines for COVID-19.

Citizen Scientists Continue to Fight COVID-19. Here’s What They’ve Accomplished

Scientists have done a ton to fight this pandemic. And they haven’t been working alone: They’ve had helpers. Some scientists have even had the privilege of having thousands of helpers. Citizen scientists faithfully logging their health status, answering surveys and playing games that help researchers learn more about everything from public health to how mRNA … Read more “Citizen Scientists Continue to Fight COVID-19. Here’s What They’ve Accomplished”

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Help improve health around the world with these projects!

We’re sure sick of this pandemic, and we bet you are, too. Luckily, there’s a citizen science project for that: With Eterna, participants play a game that helps researchers study how mRNA works (which some COVID vaccines are made of). But COVID isn’t the only health issue you can tackle with citizen science. Projects let … Read more “Help improve health around the world with these projects!”

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How Playing Science Games is Advancing Genetic Research

In today’s world, computers both big and small produce vast volumes of data in record time — millions of trillions of bytes worth. It’s so much information that researchers can’t properly analyze all the data produced, and the overload can also lead computers to make mistakes. That’s why researchers are increasingly turning to citizen scientists … Read more “How Playing Science Games is Advancing Genetic Research”

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