monarch butterflies migrate

3 Ways to Help Save Monarch Butterflies

Every fall, declining day length triggers one of the most incredible phenomena found in nature: the annual fall migration of monarch butterflies. Across North America, monarchs undertake an epic journey – up to 3,000 miles – to reach their overwintering grounds in Mexico and the California coast. For the eastern population of monarchs, the migratory … Read more “3 Ways to Help Save Monarch Butterflies”

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Enlisting youth citizen scientists to combat Zika

Going out of your way to attract mosquitoes seems like the last thing anyone would want to do, but that is exactly what the national Invasive Mosquito Project is hoping volunteers will do in the name of public health. Managed through the United States Department of Agriculture, the Invasive Mosquito Project aims to track the spread of … Read more “Enlisting youth citizen scientists to combat Zika”

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