Jellywatch: Observing Blobs for Marine Ecology

Turn your beach visit into marine ecology research on worldwide jellyfish populations. Looking for more summertime citizen science projects? Find them here. Between 2012 and 2013, power plants in Israel, Sweden, Scotland, Japan, and the U.S. were shut down unexpectedly, all for the same reason: jellyfish. Blooms of jellyfish abundantly swarmed in coastal waters and clogged … Read more “Jellywatch: Observing Blobs for Marine Ecology”

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Meet Our Festival Collaborators: Steve from JellyWatch

There’s only one more day until this weekend’s USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo in Washington, DC! The Science for Citizens team has been hard at work putting together an engaging, interesting, and fun exhibit featuring some terrific citizen science projects. Remember, we’ll be at Section PA-13, Booth Numbers 1229 and 1231, on Pennsylvania Ave … Read more “Meet Our Festival Collaborators: Steve from JellyWatch”

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Tracking Jellyfish around the globe

Jellyfish, in addition to being one of many ocean creatures that terrify me, are an important part of the underwater ecosystem. However, several reports have indicated an unusually high increase in Jellyfish populations, and scientists are in need of help to understand why. Enter JellyWatch, a new citizen science project that aims to create a database of jellyfish … Read more “Tracking Jellyfish around the globe”

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