MIT Museum Sets Off Annual Chain Reaction on the Friday After Thanksgiving

Remember the game Mouse Trap? For those of you not familiar with it, Mouse Trap is a board game in which players build a contraption, using various tools and materials, in order to capture a toy mouse on the run. Players often build creative, elaborate traps that operate in various stages, with each distinct stage setting … Read more “MIT Museum Sets Off Annual Chain Reaction on the Friday After Thanksgiving”

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A Fabulous Menu of Citizen Science for Thanksgiving

We’ve updated and reposted this Thanksgiving Day treat,  from Lily Bui! Dig into this serving of Thanksgiving projects with your friends and family! Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count Help researchers take census of winter Monarch butterflies. Count Monarchs in colonies, during the mornings around Thanksgiving. Get started!   Thanksgiving Day Western Bird Count Help monitor winter bird … Read more “A Fabulous Menu of Citizen Science for Thanksgiving”

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Know your numbers

Do you just “get” numbers? Or have they always left you a little baffled? Now you can test this observation and quantify your number sense. Number sense is our “gut knowledge” of numbers’ magnitude, their relationships, and even basic arithmetic. Number sense is thought to be innate, potently present as early as infancy. But while … Read more “Know your numbers”

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Top Citizen Science Projects of 2010

Which citizen science projects in our Project Finder were the most visited in 2010? Check out the top 10! Is your favorite on this list? If not, tell us about your favorite citizen science project(s) on your very own (free) member blog! 10. Foldit: Solve Protein Puzzles for Science Foldit is a revolutionary new computer … Read more “Top Citizen Science Projects of 2010”

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Mesmerizing math movie

If you ever needed convincing that math is beautiful, this movie by Spanish graphic animator Cristóbal Vila will do the trick. Set to a haunting piece by Belgian minimalist composer Wim Mertens, “Nature by Numbers” brings to life some of the fundamental math concepts that connect art and nature. Vila starts his exploration with the … Read more “Mesmerizing math movie”

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