We want your germs! For Citizen Science!

Microbes are germs and they are everywhere! Most are good for you. Some are not. Learning more about microbes (where they live, how they behave) can teach us more about their influence on diseases, cures, and our entire ecosystem. Here are five microbial citizen science projects you can do now. Cheers! The SciStarter Team

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Ocean Sampling Day – Cataloging the Diversity of Microbes in Our Oceans

This Saturday June 21st, collect samples from bodies of water to catalog the ocean’s microbial biodiversity. Want more marine-themed citizen science projects? We’ve got you covered!   This Saturday June 21st, citizen scientists will be able to take part in MyOSD (official site) the citizen science component to this year’s Ocean Sampling Day (OSD). The event is … Read more “Ocean Sampling Day – Cataloging the Diversity of Microbes in Our Oceans”

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The landscape and promise of Citizen Science

Some of you expressed interest in viewing the slides I shared during a talk at the Microbe.net workshop at UC Davis. The talk was designed to give an overview of citizen science projects and a peek at the opportunities and challenges ahead for people involved in the production of such projects. It also pointed towards … Read more “The landscape and promise of Citizen Science”

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