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Life-Changing Citizen Science

Have you ever considered exploring strange new worlds? Maybe seeking out new life and new civilizations? And then abandoned the idea because you’re too young or too old to seriously consider going boldly where no one has gone before? Well, these are completely achievable goals and they don’t require working your way through Star Fleet … Read more “Life-Changing Citizen Science”

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Signs of Fall with Nature’s Notebook

Welcome Fall with Nature’s Notebook and the Timberland Regional Library in Washington State for an event focused on documenting signs of seasonal change. Nature’s Notebook is a citizen science project that studies phenology, the study of seasons. Changes in phenological events, like flowering and animal migration, are among the most sensitive biological responses to climate … Read more “Signs of Fall with Nature’s Notebook”

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Science of Seasons

Nature’s Notebook: Investigating the Science of Seasons

Nature’s Notebook is a citizen science project focused on the signs of the seasons. Participants can track the changes in plants and animals in their own backyards. Observing phenology with Nature’s Notebook will teach you the science of the seasons. Photo credit: Brian F. Powell. How do you know when spring arrives? Is it when … Read more “Nature’s Notebook: Investigating the Science of Seasons”

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Top 18 Projects of 2018

2018 was a great year for Citizen Science! More than 3,000 projects and events are now registered on SciStarter. There’s something for everyone, everywhere. In this edition of the newsletter, we are honoring the Top 18 Projects of 2018: projects that our collective community shared, participated in, and loved. Cheers! The SciStarter Team GLOBE Observer: … Read more “Top 18 Projects of 2018”

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Nature’s Notebook: Through the Eyes of a Citizen Scientist

This guest post by Sharman Apt Russel describes a citizen science experience with the the project, Nature’s Notebook featured on our recent Spring themed newsletter. Check out the rest of the projects on that list here. Nature’s Notebook is also one of more than 800 citizen science projects on SciStarter. Use our project finder to find … Read more “Nature’s Notebook: Through the Eyes of a Citizen Scientist”

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Track Lilacs and Loons with Nature’s Notebook

Observe and collect data to learn how climate and habitat affect plants and animals with Nature’s Notebook. Track the phenology of plants and animals with these citizen science projects. Most North Americans are relieved that spring has finally arrived, especially after a winter when ice storms, snowstorms, frigid temperatures or droughts were regular occurrences. For … Read more “Track Lilacs and Loons with Nature’s Notebook”

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Future of crowdsourcing visual data for scientific study?

How cool! Imagine if 1,000 people took a photo of the same landmark in a park, let’s say, over a set period of time. We’d realize what’s in that part of the park all the time and what’s there temporarily. Changes in nature (phenological changes, in particular) and other activities would be recorded and trended … Read more “Future of crowdsourcing visual data for scientific study?”

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