Fun, new projects we think you’ll love!

This post was originally published as a SciStarter newsletter. Sign up to receive bi-weekly citizen science in your inbox! New Projects Are Springing Up! Spring has finally sprung, along with signs of new growth everywhere — including here at SciStarter, where new projects are popping up all over. Here, we highlight some of our favorite new … Read more “Fun, new projects we think you’ll love!”

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Citizen Science is for Lovers!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Cuddle up with these five projects–and one book–that we love! They are waiting for you with open arms. Xoxo, The SciStarter Team

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2020: New Year, New Resolutions

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there’s a good chance you didn’t get around to writing your New Year’s Resolutions. That’s okay! We at SciStarter have done it for you. Eat Better Exercise More Expand Your Mind Meditate Give Back Do Something Squirrel-Related Best of all, we’ve got citizen science projects that will make … Read more “2020: New Year, New Resolutions”

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Help scientists track extreme weather this week!

Tropical storms loom large over different parts of the globe, while extreme heat and droughts wreak havoc on other areas. Flash floods and landslides plague parts of India, as dust storms make it difficult to drive and breathe in the southwestern United States. Extreme weather. We may feel powerless, but there are ways we can … Read more “Help scientists track extreme weather this week!”

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Citizen Science!

Photo: USFWS For many people, Thanksgiving brings to mind family, friends, food, and football.  For us here at SciStarter, it’s a time to give thanks to you! So thank you for making the world a better place through citizen science. Below, you’ll find five projects that will put you in the Thanksgiving spirit! Visit the … Read more “Celebrate Thanksgiving with Citizen Science!”

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Celebrate World Oceans Day with Citizen Science

On June 8th, people across the world will celebrate World Oceans Day, a day set aside to honor and protect our oceans. To help you participate in World Oceans Day, we’ve put together a list of 7 ocean-based citizen science projects that need your help. We are partnering with The TerraMar Project to share SciStarter’s … Read more “Celebrate World Oceans Day with Citizen Science”

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Is There a Community Lab Near You? – Find lab space, equipment, and training in your area!

Do you want to explore, invent, design, or create something but don’t have the facilities to do so? Do you want to learn more about biotechnology, science, and laboratory safety? Community labs may be the perfect fit for you! Community labs are rapidly spreading throughout the world. Our editors highlight five, below. People often pay … Read more “Is There a Community Lab Near You? – Find lab space, equipment, and training in your area!”

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Winter Citizen Science Projects To Warm Your Heart and Mind

Winter weather is upon us! Many folks bundle up and venture outside to participate in citizen science, while others look for projects they can do indoors. Here’s a mitten-full of indoor and outdoor cold-weather projects for you to explore. Cheers! The SciStarter Team   Weather-IT This project is run by a graduate student who needs your … Read more “Winter Citizen Science Projects To Warm Your Heart and Mind”

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