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5 Out-Of-This-World Citizen Science Opportunities

With the arrival of the solstice, the nights are at their shortest, but they’re also nice and warm for summer stargazing and space-related citizen science! Put your eyes to good use with these astronomy projects on SciStarter. You won’t need any special knowledge, or even special tools for most of them! Report night sky streaks from satellites overhead to … Read more “5 Out-Of-This-World Citizen Science Opportunities”

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Read, Participate, Discover, Repeat

Today is National Repeat Day and what better way to celebrate than to publish an older post? A recent article in Astrophysical Journal Letters has shown that citizen scientists have just discovered the first brown dwarf through the Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 project just four weeks after the project launched back in February.  Now, isn’t that worth repeating? … Read more “Read, Participate, Discover, Repeat”

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Pluto, Planet Nine and Other Backyard Worlds

By: Marc J. Kuchner Eighty-seven years ago, this week, Clyde Tombaugh was poring over a pair of photographic plates, hoping to change the world.  He was staring hard into an arcane device called a blink comparator, which allowed him to rapidly switch from viewing one image to the next. In those days before computers, that was … Read more “Pluto, Planet Nine and Other Backyard Worlds”

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