Explore biodiversity with iNaturalist and the Appalachian Mountain Club

Do you want to know more about the world around you? iNaturalist allows anyone, anywhere to contribute to a global record of biodiversity by uploading pictures of plants and animals with their smartphone or computer. In a new podcast episode (listen below!), co-host Justin Schell talks with Dr. Carrie Seltzer, the Stakeholder Engagement Strategist for … Read more “Explore biodiversity with iNaturalist and the Appalachian Mountain Club”

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An Autumn Bounty of Citizen Science

Birds and monarchs are migrating and leaves are changing color. Fall is in full swing! Unfortunately, hurricanes are forming and flu season is here too. Help scientists document nature and health changes near you to study and predict future trends. Our editors selected five projects to get you started. Find more citizen science projects on … Read more “An Autumn Bounty of Citizen Science”

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Feeling Clumpy?

Citizen scientists can help ID the progression of bacterial infection in plant cells by determining how “clumpy” plant cell images are. Explore the microbiome around and inside you with these citizen science projects! The language on the Clumpy homepage might be considered a challenge for the average citizen scientist: “The model plant-pathogen system comprising the … Read more “Feeling Clumpy?”

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