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SciStarter Releases New Podcast Series: Citizen Science

Citizen Science is a podcast from SciStarter. This show spotlights the many different ways that individuals and communities are exploring and changing the world around them through public participation in science. Episodes feature conversations between project developers and volunteers, with subjects ranging from climate change to biodiversity to Alzheimer’s research to community science projects focused … Read more “SciStarter Releases New Podcast Series: Citizen Science”

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Slavery from Space: Citizen Science in the Antislavery Movement

Slavery from Space is a citizen science project that allows users to further the antislavery movement by mapping the locations of activities in which people are frequently found to be enslaved. How many slaves do you think there are in the world? You might be surprised. In 2016, the International Labour Organization estimated that 40.3 million people were … Read more “Slavery from Space: Citizen Science in the Antislavery Movement”

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