Sourdough for Science: How YOU Can Create a Tiny World in a Jar

The author of this post, Adam Castiller, is a student of Chelsea Krieg, an Instructor at NC State University. Day-by-day, life seems to be moving so fast. Between developments in vaccines and the shift back to normal life, we all need something to teach us how to enjoy the small and simple things in life. Throughout … Read more “Sourdough for Science: How YOU Can Create a Tiny World in a Jar”

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The Science of Making a Wild Sourdough Starter

By now, you’ve  almost certainly heard the news: Homemade sourdough is the  greatest thing since, well, sliced bread.  Being stuck in quarantine gives many of us more time to do things around the house, like baking. And stores are short on household staples, including bread, so, sure, might as well give breadmaking a try. But why sourdough … Read more “The Science of Making a Wild Sourdough Starter”

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Right at Home with Citizen Science

Explore one of the least scientifically studied places on the planet: your home! Our editors picked these five projects to help you and scientists learn more about indoor air quality, microbes, tap water pipes, and living things lurking in your home! Find more projects you can do at home here. Cheers, The SciStarter Team

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Perfect your weighing and measuring skills with these projects!

Whether you’re a fan of imperial or metric, this past Sunday was the day to celebrate the way we measure our surroundings. What better way to celebrate a day dedicated to measurement than to participate in a citizen science project where you weigh (or measure) something for science? We’ve pulled together some special projects that … Read more “Perfect your weighing and measuring skills with these projects!”

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