How Playing Science Games is Advancing Genetic Research

In today’s world, computers both big and small produce vast volumes of data in record time — millions of trillions of bytes worth. It’s so much information that researchers can’t properly analyze all the data produced, and the overload can also lead computers to make mistakes. That’s why researchers are increasingly turning to citizen scientists … Read more “How Playing Science Games is Advancing Genetic Research”

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Digitalkoot, an online game for indexing Finnish newspapers

Video games: Do you love them or loathe them? When I was a teenager, I couldn’t get enough of them. Nowadays, I find it difficult to get excited about whiling away an hour with a joypad. Now might be a time for a rethink… Recently, I wrote a post that reviewed a new generation of computer … Read more “Digitalkoot, an online game for indexing Finnish newspapers”

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Dr. Stu’s Reviews: citizen science puzzles

This guest post was contributed by Dr. Stuart Farrimond, a science teacher at Wiltshire College in the United Kingdom. If you’ve ever felt like you could be an undiscovered genius, then today’s blog post is for you! Get ready to use your grey matter to push back the boundaries of science… by playing video games! … Read more “Dr. Stu’s Reviews: citizen science puzzles”

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EteRNA: Biology plus videogames equals cutting-edge science

What class of molecules dominated the primordial stages of evolution, and seems to function as an exquisite operating system for our cells? RNA — the single-stranded cousin of DNA. Scientists suspect that a better understanding of RNAs will allow us to more deeply understand healthy cells, and to design better treatments for those infected by … Read more “EteRNA: Biology plus videogames equals cutting-edge science”

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