Upate Wikipedia Entry for Citizen Science

scistarter robotTitle: Upate Wikipedia Entry for Citizen Science
Goal: The CSA conference will bring together the most experienced and capable minds who have enthusiasm for citizen science, and perspectives from different disciplines. This hackfest project will crowdsource the deep knowledge of this group to make the Wikipedia page on citizen science a valuable go-to resource

Why should you join this project? Join this project if you enjoy sharing your knowledge, experience, and perspectives on citizen science. To make the Wikipedia entry robust, we need a broad swatch of contributors.

What skills are needed? Enthusiasm, Ideas

What skills will this project’s organizer bring? I’ll facilitate and coordinate how the hackfest participants approach updating the Wikipedia entry for citizen science. I’ll instruct people on technical details to edit the Wikipedia page.

What materials will this project’s organizer bring? A laptop.

What other materials would be valuable? Laptop, Cables (we can never have enough!)

Project website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizen_science

Contact: Caren Cooper caren@SciStarter.com

Twitter: @CoopSciScoop

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