Celebrate National Dog Day With Some Citizen Science for the Dogs!

dog topNational Dog Day is August 26. Give your canine companion a chance to participate in science! Here are five projects you can do with (wo)man’s best friend!

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animal ownershipAnimal Ownership Interaction Study

How does your own behavior influence how your dogacts? Scientists with this citizen science study want to find out, and you can help by providing information about you and your dog.

Pets Can Do 

pets can do

Researchers are looking for pet owners whose dogs are showing signs of separation anxiety, as well as owners who have had their dogs for at least six months. If you fit either of those categories, you can help further our understanding of human-animal interactions.

canid howlCanid Howl Project


Dogs, wolves, and coyotes have many different calls and vocalizations. Learn how to analyze those sounds. Anyone can listen to canid calls online, and dog owners can submit their pet’s vocalizations to the study as well.

This project uses a short questionnaire to evaluate adog’s behavior and temperament. Veterinarians and animal shelters can use it as a professional tool, anddog owners can use it to compare their dog’s behaviors to other dogs.


Have you ever wondered how your dog‘s mind works? With Dognition, you’ll play a series of games with yourdog that will illuminate how they think and feel.

Don’t miss the Dog Day-themed #CitSciChat on Twitter with @CoopSciScoop on Dog Day! August 26th at 2pm ET.

Study how poplars are impacted by climate change. PopClock is seeking volunteers from VT, NH, ME, NY, MI, WI, and MN. Selected volunteers will receive a free trip to Vermont!

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