Celebrate National Volunteers Week and Earth Day with Citizen Science!

April is YOUR month, citizen scientists!
This is National Volunteer Week so get involved in a research project in need of your help. Find your favorite project on Serve.gov and AllForGood.org, now featuring SciStarter’s database of projects. Need another reason? Look no further thanSaturday, 4/16, Citizen Science DayEvents  are scheduled around the world. We bet there’s one near you. Still wallowing in indecision? Well, 4/22 is Earth Day and we’ve selected five awesome Earth Day projects we think you’ll love.
The SciStarter Team

Photo: USFWS
Orchid Observers
Do you live in the UK? Your help is needed to determine if the flowering times of orchids have changed. You can photograph orchids that you find, or you can transcribe records of orchid specimens from herbariums.
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Algal blooms in lakes and rivers can be harmful to humans, pets, and wildlife. If you see an algal bloom in your area, report it to CyanoTRACKER today!

Southwest Monarch Study
Most monarch butterflies in the United States are found in the eastern half of the country, but they are also present in the southwest. You can contribute to our understanding of these monarchs by submitting sightings this spring and tagging migrating monarchs this fall.

Photo: USFWS
Hoyt Arboretum Terrestrial Orchids
The Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, Oregon is looking for volunteers to assist in identifying native grass and orchid species. This work will lead to the improvement of natural habitat throughout the arboretum.

Photo: USFWS
Earth Day Celebration
April 16, Santa Monica, CA
Celebrate Earth Day early with this fun, family-friendly event. The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium will have activities on ocean pollution and citizen science. Admission fee for those over 12.
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