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SciStarter and Science Connected are partnering to produce a new blog platform: Citizen Science Connected. Citizen science is a way for regular people to do real research, and the Citizen Science Connected platform is a place to tell those stories. The fields that citizen science advances are diverse: ecology, astronomy, medicine, psychology, linguistics, genetics, engineering, and many more.

Science Connected is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit publisher of science nonfiction for a general audience and resources for science teachers. The organization is powered by a global group of scientists and science communicators dedicated to increasing public understanding of science and creating free and equal access to science education. GotScience Magazine, published by Science Connected, is the host of the new Citizen Science Connected blog.

“Science Connected and SciStarter complement each other so well,” says Science Connected CEO Kate Stone. “We are creating public access to information about scientific research. Meanwhile, they are spreading opportunities for members of the public to conduct scientific research. This is an exciting opportunity for both of our organizations to amplify our public benefit, doing even more good work for even more people.”

The Citizen Science Connected blog platform is part of SciStarter’s syndicated blog network. SciStarter is the place to find opportunities, join citizen science groups, and contribute to science through providing access to more than 2,700 searchable formal and informal research projects and events. But more than just a project directory, SciStarter also offers a coordinated place to record contributions and access the tools and instruments needed to participate in citizen science projects. SciStarter’s blog network publishes on online platforms including SciStarter, Discover Magazine, and GotScience Magazine. SciStarter works with a network of volunteer contributors who write about a variety of citizen science topics such as citizen science project profiles and book reviews.

“Science Connected, through its global group of scientists and science communicators, will be an invaluable partner in helping SciStarter connect more people to citizen science,” says Darlene Cavalier, founder of SciStarter.

Both Science Connected and SciStarter use science communication techniques to help teach various audiences about scientific principles. “We love how accessible SciStarter is,” adds Shayna Keyles, managing editor of GotScience. “They do such fantastic work connecting communities with science, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to share these stories about collaboration, creativity, and citizen science!”

SciStarter’s Managing Editor, Caroline Nickerson, says, “This partnership was sparked by engaging conversations at the Citizen Science Association conference. I am so, so grateful that SciStarter’s table was next to Science Connected’s! Hooray for citizen science!”

Want to work with us? Take a peek at our blog guidelines and email with your ideas. We believe that anyone can tell a compelling citizen science story. Never underestimate the power of a well-crafted narrative!

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Caroline Nickerson

Caroline Nickerson

Caroline Nickerson is an advisor at SciStarter, where she assists with the Citizen Science Month Program, SciStarter’s Corporate Volunteer Programs and other programmatic and outreach efforts. Caroline is a Master of Public Policy graduate from American University, where she was a Reilly Environmental Policy Scholar, and is a current PhD student at the University of Florida. She also works with the UF-VA Bioethics Unit, the Christensen Project, Florida Community Innovation and other organizations. She was the 2019 Cherry Blossom Princess representing the state of Florida and the grand prize scholarship winner at Miss Earth USA 2021 as Miss Louisiana Earth.