Twitter alert: Here comes the space station!

twisstDid you know that you can often see the International Space Station in the night sky? I’ve known that for a while, but I never think to look up at the right time.

Here’s a cool solution I just came across: space station alerts via Twitter.

Twisst will tweet you an advance summary of good viewing opportunities when the space station is about to start passing over your head. (The station circles the Earth once every 90 minutes.) Visit Twisst’s website for tips on how to spot the station and details on how Twisst works.

For this to be useful, of course, you have to be a Twitter user–but these days, who isn’t? Speaking of which, please follow Science for Citizens on Twitter. We’re @sci4cits.

Anybody out there seen the space station lately? Submit a comment and tell us about your ISS spotting.

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