Ocean waves and water

How Citizen Science Helps NOAA Keep Tabs on Our Oceans

Our oceans are vast, powerful and mysterious — and even after centuries of study, there are still many things scientists don’t know about our planet’s blue expanses. But the ocean affects all of our lives intimately, even those of us who live far from the coast. Oceans provide food for billions of people, shape weather … Read more “How Citizen Science Helps NOAA Keep Tabs on Our Oceans”

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Marine Iguana Galapagos Islands

Help Study the Galápagos Marine Iguana With a New Online Project

Do you know the fictional Japanese monster Godzilla? We present to you its miniature version — the very real marine iguana. Marine iguanas are a quirky, charismatic species of reptile living in the tropical paradise of the Galápagos Islands. People often refer to them as mini-Godzillas or marine dragons, but they are definitely not monstrous. … Read more “Help Study the Galápagos Marine Iguana With a New Online Project”

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Image of shark on reef with small, colorful reef fish.

Tracking Sharks and Listening to Rays

Sharks get a lot more attention than, say, sea cucumbers, possibly because sharks tend to have much bigger teeth. They even get their own week! (note to Discovery Channel: please find room for Sea Cucumber Week). And yet, as marine scientist and shark expert David Shiffman points out, scientists are still discovering new things about … Read more “Tracking Sharks and Listening to Rays”

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Top 7 Citizen Science Problems (And How to Solve Them)

Lost your smartphone? Rabbits eating all your sunflowers? Can’t seem to find opportunities right for you? Sometimes doing citizen science can bring some unexpected problems. But take heart — whatever challenge you’re facing, you’re likely not the first one to deal with it.  We surveyed SciStarter’s users about the problems they’ve encountered while trying to … Read more “Top 7 Citizen Science Problems (And How to Solve Them)”

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Martin Dohrn filming a bumble bee hovering over a dandelion.

Inspire Your Community to Protect Local Pollinators

When the global pandemic hit, acclaimed wildlife filmmaker Martin Dohrn, locked down in his small city garden in Bristol, England, decided to turn the cameras on the wildlife in his backyard. He was particularly fascinated with the bees visiting his garden. Putting his unparalleled skills and cameras to use, he filmed more than 60 different … Read more “Inspire Your Community to Protect Local Pollinators”

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A brown dog's face from the nose up on a white background.

Are Dogs Aware of Their Own Thinking? Volunteers with Canine Metacognition Put Pups to the Test!

Does a dog ever think, in their own way, “That sure looks like a squirrel, but I could be mistaken?”  Throughout history, humans have thought that our ability to reflect on our own thinking — what scientists call metacognition — distinguishes us from other animals. But there’s growing evidence that’s not the case. Researchers have … Read more “Are Dogs Aware of Their Own Thinking? Volunteers with Canine Metacognition Put Pups to the Test!”

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Dog wearing sunglasses with the text Dog Days of Summer: Scistarter. Science we can do together.

Dog Days of Summer

National Dog Day is August 26. In honor of your furry friend, participate in these simple at-home projects to help researchers learn more about your pup! And use the Project Finder to search for exciting citizen science projects on any topic you can think of (yes, that includes cats). Cheers, The SciStarter Team  

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A kitten peers out from between two large pots.

Six of Our Favorite New Citizen Science Projects

Every day, researchers who need your help add their projects to SciStarter, with topics spanning everything from canine cognition to space agriculture. We’re highlighting six of our favorite newly added projects — but don’t stop here! Use the Project Finder to search for the latest citizen science opportunities to save to your Dashboard. Cheers, The SciStarter Team

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A Canadian Summer of Science

Summer is still here in the Northern Hemisphere and many people are maximizing time spent outdoors as they enjoy the season’s sunshine and temperate weather. In this piece, we share citizen science summer opportunities tailored for our friends to the north, the Great North:  Canada!  Canada is home to numerous citizen science organizations and opportunities … Read more “A Canadian Summer of Science”

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Text says "National Moth Week, Global Citizen Science, 10 years" alongside a cartoon drawing of a moth.

Celebrate National Moth Week July 17-25

SciStarter is partnering with National Moth Week (available in 50+ countries)! July 17 through 25, people of all ages are gathering to explore and learn about the wonderful world of moths. There are over 1,000(!) registered mothing events to choose from. Find one near you or sign up to host an event of your own! Finding moths is … Read more “Celebrate National Moth Week July 17-25”

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