Science for Citizens adds video

Exciting news for all you lookers—that is, you folks who like to consume your information visually. We’ve just opened up a new wing of our site that features citizen science-flavored video: the Video Gallery.

Please click on over and check out, among other video adventures, underwater footage of the camera-stealing manta ray, a visit with the Open Dinosaur guys, live views from a wildlife-packed Australian backyard, and a lecture about “your brain on love.”

Loyal visitors to Science for Citizens know that in the past, clicking on the Video Gallery tab led to the “Oops” message, a placeholder page that explained we hadn’t yet built out that portion of our young site. That was a little sad, wasn’t it? No more. We are now ready for our close-ups—and our time-lapse sequences, and our interviews, and our animations, and our hidden-camera shots…

At the moment, the gallery includes a YouTube player featuring a short list of our team’s recent citizen science picks from that bottomless source of Web-based video. But enough about us, what about you? We’ll soon add another YouTube player to feature videos that you, the members of our online community, create and upload. When you submit your clips to YouTube, just be sure to add the tag “sci4cits.” We’ll spot it and put it on the Science for Citizens “From Our Community on YouTube” playlist.

The gallery page will always have an ever-changing buffet of video taken from our favorite online channels. In addition to our YouTube picks, the gallery is now showing clips from the National Science Foundation, UStream, and Vimeo.

So, if you’ve got a video camera—these days it might very well be doubling as your phone—please point it at whatever corner of citizen science catches your eye and share your masterpiece by uploading your files to YouTube with that “sci4cits” tag.

And if you’re a looker (you know you are), remember that the Video Gallery is now open. Please stay tuned.

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