Tuesday Trio: Roadkill, Spiders, and Water Monitoring

The Science for Citizens Project Finder is filled with hundreds of citizen science projects, and it’s growing larger every day thanks to submissions by project coordinators, volunteers, and other members of the Science for Citizens community.

I’m highlighting a trio of recently added citizen science projects¬† to introduce you to a few new ways to satisfy your citizen science cravings:

California Roadkill Observation System

In this project, citizen scientists report roadkill by entering observations in an easy-to-use online form. Roadkill data can be analyzed by observers and will be used to understand where roadkill occurs and the severity of the impact to wildlife species. The project aims to  provide a safer environment for wildlife in relationship with California motorways. California Roadkill Observation System

Colorado Spider Survey

I usually run/scream like a child when I see a spider. Turns out, the Colorado Spider Survey needs people to collect spiders from throughout the state to help researchers determine what species of spiders are found in every ecosystem in Colorado. Data from these specimens and from Colorado specimens housed at other collections throughout the country will be compiled and published in an electronic database. Colorado Spider Survey


Juturna is a Toronto-based project that supports the collection, analysis, data sharing, and reporting of community collected water quality data. Researchers at York University, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the civil society organization EcoSpark use data contributed by volunteers to to monitor environmental conditions of local watersheds. Juturna

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