Feeling Clumpy?

Citizen scientists can help ID the progression of bacterial infection in plant cells by determining how “clumpy” plant cell images are. Explore the microbiome around and inside you with these citizen science projects! The language on the Clumpy homepage might be considered a challenge for the average citizen scientist: “The model plant-pathogen system comprising the … Read more “Feeling Clumpy?”

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Dark Sky Meter: Milky What?

Measuring “skyglow” and understanding light pollution with the Dark Sky Meter Citizen science after hours…here are some citizen science projects you can do at night. See also our recent feature of Dark Sky Meter. If you have ever seen a satellite photo of the eastern seaboard of the United States, taken at night, you will understand … Read more “Dark Sky Meter: Milky What?”

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Any Old Photo: The Field Photo Library Project

The Field Photo Library project helps scientists document changes in landscape by sharing crowdsourced and archived field photos from all over the world. Find more citizen science projects for all five senses on SciStarter. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what value does “any old geo-tagged photo” hold for a scientist? … Read more “Any Old Photo: The Field Photo Library Project”

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It’s Turkey Time: Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey Results

Dig into this fabulous Thanksgiving menu of citizen science projects you can do between dinner and dessert! “It’s turkey-time!” Those words mean different things to different people—birdwatchers look forward to sighting hens with poults in the spring, hunters raise their glasses when turkey season opens, researchers foresee the final compilation of a summer citizen science count, … Read more “It’s Turkey Time: Summer Wild Turkey Sighting Survey Results”

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The Snapper, the Groper and the Emperor – Donate Your Skeletons

Drag your bones toward more Halloween-themed citizen science.  The snapper, the groper and the emperor—these are not synonyms for that nasty blind date you landed last month, nor do they form the lineup for a cast of Halloween characters. These are fish. In particular they are demersal species, which refers to a type of fish … Read more “The Snapper, the Groper and the Emperor – Donate Your Skeletons”

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Gamifying Citizen Science with Floracaching

Gamifying citizen science has the potential to engage existing volunteers in new ways, and to attract a new segment of the gaming-set: millennials. Millennials who were born after 1980 are known to be notorious technology enthusiasts. But what would draw, lets say, the average business student or technology major into playing a game that contributes … Read more “Gamifying Citizen Science with Floracaching”

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