These Fall Projects Let Anyone Protect and Study the Trees Around Us

The Girl Scout Tree Promise is an ambitious effort to plant, protect and honor 5 million trees across the country in five years. Anyone, anywhere can join this global movement to address climate change, one tree at a time!


Here’s how:
We’ve highlighted a few projects that let you contribute to the Tree Promise  below!
The SciStarter Team


NASA GLOBE Observer: Trees guides you on how to use your smartphone to report local tree height measurements that complement NASA satellite observations. Scientists use the data to study Earth, carbon ecosystems (trees take up carbon from the atmosphere) and the global environment.

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Trees are critical to keeping water sources clean and healthy and preventing erosion. They are critical sources of food and livelihood, too. ISeeChange helps people keep track of the same trees each season. How are they changing?

Are certain species more susceptible to new weather conditions? People can share observations with scientists, journalists and the public, using the ISeeChange app and website. Share what a particular tree means to you or post other observations to help honor trees.

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Trees around the world are under threat from pests, too. That’s why scientists want your photos of healthy trees — if we can better understand why some trees survive pest infestations, we may be able to protect all trees.

Scientists will use the data you collect to locate trees for research projects like studying the genetic diversity of tree species and building better tree breeding programs. All you need to get started is your phone or mobile device.

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Trees provide homes for more than 80% of the world’s land biodiversity. Discover what lives in trees near you by uploading pictures of living things you see on trees using the iNaturalist app for 13 and older or the Seek app for kids 12 and younger.

Not only will you quickly discover the type of species you’ve observed (that’s right, these apps also identify species for you!), but you’ll help scientists learn more about and protect biodiversity and trees.

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Anyone can participate in the Girl Scout Tree Promise! Check out the special project page on SciStarter to find even more projects that you and your friends and family can do together to study and observe the trees around you.

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Events and Opportunities

Community and Citizen Science in the Far North Conference

October 5-7

This virtual conference, integrated with social media, will focus on sharing, networking and discussing the various aspects of conducting community and citizen science research in the Arctic. Attend to learn more about citizen science opportunities in the Far North.

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Come See SciStarter at the Wisconsin Science Festival!

October 22

The four-day Wisconsin Science Festival is a statewide celebration with events across Wisconsin for people of all ages. SciStarter will be at the festival on October 22 in Madison, Wisconsin for the Science on the Square event from 5 PM – 9 PM! Engage in citizen science projects live and in-person in Madison’s Central Business District.

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Great Southern BioBlitz

October 21-25

Using iNaturalist, the Great Southern Bioblitz asks volunteers in the southern hemisphere to submit images and observations of where different plants, animals and fungi occur, while also pin-pointing invasive species.

Everyone, everywhere is invited to help identify species in the images between October 21-25.

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CitSciOz21 Virtual Conference

October 26-29

SciStarter is a supporter of CitSciOz21 – an online citizen science conference experience centered around the themes of Celebrate, Communicate and Co-Create for Australian and global citizen science. Register to attend!

See you Down Under!


Professional Development for Libraries: How to Host a Citizen Science Program

November 10

RSVP for a free webinar to explore how libraries can become partners in citizen and community science engagement. Learn how to access a suite of free event resources developed by Arizona State University and SciStarter to support libraries as community hubs for citizen science.

Make your library into a citizen science hub!

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