Citizen Science Is For Lovers

At SciStarter, we love when people come together to do citizen science and explore the world. And it’s even more fun when you’re with people you care about. Find five of our picks for projects to do with loved ones this Valentine’s Day —and the rest of the year too!

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Health eHeart Study
Image credit: Nicola Fioravanti/Unsplash

Show some love this Valentine’s Day by putting your heart on the line. The Health eHeart study is getting personal about heart disease by tracking one million people to pin down some of the specific predictors of heart disease.

They still need participants — bare your heart and help them out by answering questions about your health!

Location: Global

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Silent Earth
Image credit: Silent Earth

Nothing’s more romantic than finding a nice quiet place to be alone with your sweetheart. The Silent Earth project agrees.

Researchers are looking to catalog some of the quietest places on Earth. Just download their app and use it to make and submit decibel measurements in a quiet place. Then, sit back and enjoy the silence!

Location: Global

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Seek iNaturalist
Image credit: Seek by iNaturalist

Inspire a love of nature in your kids with Seek. A kid-friendly version of the popular iNaturalist citizen science app, Seek asks users to find and photograph living things around them.

The app identifies whatever you’ve found, and you have the option to submit your photos to scientists to help them catalog biodiversity across the globe.

Location: Global

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A photo of stars in the sky with streaks of light from satellites crossing diagonally across the image.
(Image credit: Satellite Streak Watcher)

You know what astronomers don’t love? Bright streaks of light across their images of the night sky. But as the number of satellites in orbit increases, these annoying streaks are becoming more common.

Record satellite streaks with your smartphone and any tripod when you’re outside at night (perhaps while enjoying a romantic dinner under the stars this Valentine’s Day). Researchers will use the data in your photos to watch how these streaks increase over time.

Location: Global

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Image credit: Hena Sheikh/Unsplash

If you’re a southern citizen scientist, plants and flowers might already be springing up this Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate the return of spring and show off your love for plants with Budburst. Submit observations of the plants around you using the Budburst app. Researchers at the Chicago Botanic Garden will use your data to study phenology, or how plants change with the seasons, climate change and more.

Location: U.S.

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A new partnership between SciStarter and the Association of European Research Libraries is expanding the development, promotion and facilitation of citizen science services in European research libraries. It’s part of an exciting new push for citizen science in Europe!

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Events and Opportunities:

“From Dr. No to Dr. Know: The Importance of Community Scientists” with All of Us Wisconsin, the Network of the National Library of Medicine and SciStarter

February 22, 2022, 6:00 pm CT

Researchers need your help to change the future of medicine. This event will provide an introduction to public engagement in science and to the All of Us research program, an exciting precision medicine study. All of Us is inviting one million people across the U.S. to help build one of the most diverse health databases in history. Researchers will use the data to learn how our biology, lifestyle and environment affect health. This can help researchers find ways to treat and prevent disease.

This one-hour, live, online event will feature a panel convened by All of Us Wisconsin, so come ready with your questions about the future of health research!

Register today!
NASA GLOBE Cloud Challenge 2022: Clouds in a Changing Climate

Now through February 15, 2022

Did you know that clouds can both warm and cool our planet? Keeping an eye on clouds helps NASA study our climate. We need your help capturing data about clouds where you live! The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program invites you to take part in our upcoming Cloud Challenge: “Clouds in a Changing Climate.”

Join the challenge!

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