Five SPRING-tacular Projects to Get You Outside This Season

Spring citizen science projectsBuds are bursting. Birds are singing. Pollinators are on the move.

In the Northern Hemisphere, spring is almost here! In the spirit of renewal, let’s all rediscover the world around us by observing and reconnecting with the rhythms of nature. We’ve got projects that are perfect for doing in your neighborhood, at a nearby park or even right outside your door!

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Credit: Amy Baugess/Unsplash

Photograph the beauty of spring around you and aid biodiversity research.

Document the butterflies, bees, grasses, flowers and more that you see around you! Simply upload your images of the natural world to the iNaturalist app and they’ll share the data with organizations like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Your observations help scientists study and protect the natural world!

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Credit: Jose Antonio Morales/Unsplash

Help researchers study pollinators and native plants.

How are ecosystems near you changing with the seasons? Budburst’s network of citizen scientists keep an eye on plants as seasons shift. Contributing observations as plants come up, bloom, turn to seed and more will also help you get outside all while learning about the natural world beyond your front door.

Location: North America

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GLOBE Observer Clouds

Take a walk outside and photograph the sky — NASA scientists need your cloud photos.

When scientists study clouds, they’re typically looking at them from above, from satellites. But that doesn’t give them the full picture. Clouds play a big role in the climate by reflecting, absorbing and scattering sunlight and infrared emissions from Earth. NASA needs your cloud observations to better understand how it all works!

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Credit: Babette Landmesser/Unsplash

Be a community climate scientist by documenting change.

Spring is all about change as our winter landscapes start to bloom and lifeforms emerge from their winter hiding spots. What you see in your neighborhood (and when) is important to understanding how climate change is affecting communities everywhere. Your block-by-block insights help cities, engineers and local organizations build better solutions for a changing climate.

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stream selfie
Credit: IWLA

Snap a pic of your local stream and share it with researchers!

The images help scientists get a better picture of water quality across the country — something that there’s an alarming lack of information on right now! Join thousands of people working toward the goal of clean water for everyone.

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April 2022 is Global Citizen Science Month, presented by SciStarter, the National Library of Medicine, Arizona State University, the Citizen Science Association and many other partners.

Librarians, teachers, museum professionals and project leaders: Find free resources and support to help plan and promote a Citizen Science Month event in April!

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Burst out of your winter hibernation and into some exciting springtime citizen science fun with this special, pre-Citizen Science Month podcast. Learn about Nature’s Notebook and ISeeChange, and get the latest on CitSci library kits that you and your family can borrow.

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Trends in Biomedical Research: The 2022 NLMM Virtual Symposium

March 29-30, 2022, 10am-4pm CT

Explore the current state and future directions of medical and scientific research! This free, online symposium will discuss a wide range of topics, including understanding scientific and biomedical research, concerns in the world of research, and the inclusion of diverse populations in research, both as a participant and as a researcher. This symposium is designed not just for researchers, but also students, librarians, community scientists and anyone interested in how they can be engaged in research.

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Citizen Science Month Kickoff!

March 31, 2022, 7:30-8:30pm CT

To kick off citizen science month, join us for this hour-long Zoom session to learn about three citizen science apps you can start using immediately (and why you should)! We’ll look at GLOBE Observer Land Cover, Debris Tracker and iNaturalist. Join in the fun. Recommended for 13 and older. Hosted by the South Dakota Discovery Center.

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Ben Franklin & Citizen Science

April 20, 2022, 6pm CT

Citizen science enables everyday people to be involved in scientific research by participating in data collection. Many consider Benjamin Franklin to be America’s first citizen scientist. Franklin believed all people should engage with science; and that knowledge can be used to advance society for the benefit of all. Join PBS Books, SciStarter and PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs for a free virtual program on April 20th at 7pm ET, in celebration of Citizen Science Month, STEM Storytelling and Ken Burns’ BENJAMIN FRANKLIN which will begin to air April 4 at 8/7c on PBS stations nationwide.



Webinar: Celebrating Citizen Science in Libraries

April 27, 2022, 1-2pm CT

The Celebrating Citizen Science in Libraries Webinar will provide examples of citizen science programs happening in libraries across the country. Join us in celebrating this incredible work during Citizen Science Month in April! This webinar is part of our Professional Development for Libraries Series hosted by the National Citizen and Community Science Library Network.

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