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Hop online to help identify kangaroos, koalas and more in 200,000 pictures uploaded by our friends in Australia.

By identifying the wildlife you see in the wildlife you see in the pictures, you’ll help scientists create a biodiversity snapshot of a moment in time.

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Image Credit: Stall Catchers

Aid Alzheimer’s research by identifying stalls, clogged blood vessels, in short, online videos. For years, Stall Catchers has been one of SciStarter’s most popular projects.

Participants have already analyzed more than 12 million images, saving researchers thousands of hours and accelerating critical research on this deadly disease. More help is needed.

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Año Nuevo is a remote island off the coast of California that’s full of wildlife few get to see in person. Over the last few years, scientists have been regularly taking drone footage to observe the animals that live and seek refuge here.

Aid their research by classifying these photos to better understand how many seals, sea lions and birds are visiting throughout the year, and how their population sizes fluctuate.

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Image Credit: SciQuest

Join SciQuest and aid in the research of us — citizen scientists!

Participate in playful quizzes that ask about your citizen science experience and your perspective on different issues. Your survey responses build a better picture of who citizen scientists are and provide insights into individual experiences.

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Image Credit: MyCoast

Help chronicle our changing coasts. Use the free MyCoast app to document tides, storm damage, beach cleanups and more.

Coastal decision makers, emergency managers and others use these reports to inform local and regional policy decisions.

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