5 ways to help combat pollutants to protect Earth

Pollution. It’s a pervasive problem that impacts all living things on Earth negatively.

Here are five ways you can help combat pollutants and protect Earth’s natural resources. By reducing pollution and cleaning up our environment, we can all assist scientists in preserving our biosphere.

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Measure the amount of waste you generate in a week and devise creative ways to reduce, reuse and/or recycle to take an active role in protecting our environment.

Attention Educators: This is a great STEM opportunity with lasting impact and is suitable for all ages!

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Identify oil spills along Nigeria’s Niger Delta.

A simple tutorial explains how to look for patterns in recent satellite images. Your participation is vital to the Delta’s vegetation, farmlands, rivers and creeks!

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Most plastics and microplastics in oceans come from inland sources. But where does this litter originate, and what can we do to address the issue?

Join this project and help answer these questions!

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Image credit: South Carolina Aquarium

Litter can clog storm drains, harm wildlife, harbor disease-causing microbes and can even leach dangerous toxins into our water supply.

Pick up litter, and document the quantity and type of all the debris.

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Residents of France, Italy, Germany and Poland can harness their inner Sherlock Holmes to help scientists combat litter.

Observe local community members and fill out a survey about single-use plastic.

Location: France, Italy, Germany, Poland

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