Help scientists by playing these 5 video games (seriously!)

Think science is all work and no play?

Celebrate National Video Games Day (September 12th) by helping scientists uncover meaningful information on important topics while simply playing games on your computer or cell phone!

Want to learn more about how gaming can help science? Read more about the mechanics of data collection and analysis through gameplay on the SciStarter blog:

Gaming for Science. How Video Games Are Making Research Fun

How Playing Science Games is Advancing Genetic Research.


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Image credit: Phylo

Align sequences of colors to make a match. The sequences aren’t just colors — they represent actual DNA sequences that could be linked to genetic disorders. Your moves will train an algorithm to better answer questions about genes.

More than 350,000 people have participated in Phylo and players have found around 1.5 million solutions to inconsistencies in DNA sequence alignments.

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Image credit: BALANCED Media|Technology

If you like games like Candy Crush, you’ll love Rocks & Runes!

Destroy rocks with bombs and match colorful runes together in this fast paced mobile game. While matching patterns and busting rocks, you’re actually sifting through cancer data researchers need to find new drugs.

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Image credit: EVE Online

Eve Online is a space-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game and caters to more seasoned video game enthusiasts. Players are immersed in stunning visuals as they explore space.

Inside the Eve Online world is a citizen science mini game! Gamers that play are helping identifying clusters of cells helping scientists better understand how our immune systems are impacted by coronavirus.

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Image credit: McGill University

Circle clusters of bacteria — the faster you do, the more points you get!

Each particle in a cluster represents one person’s gut microbiome data, and clustering lets researchers group people with similar gut microbiome data together. Your clusters help researchers gain a better understanding of how lifestyle choices affect our health through the microbiome.

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Image credit: Borderlands

Attention: Borderlands 3 players!

The Borderlands Science arcade helps advance medical research by mapping the human gut microbiome.

Next time you’re aboard Sanctuary III in Borderlands 3, keep an eye out for the newly installed arcade game area in the corner of Doctor Tannis’ infirmary.

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September 12: Gaming To Make Discoveries and Solve Problems. Join us on National Video Games Day and hear from the creators of two citizen science mini-games. Learn how they did it and what impact game players have had on research. Watch the recording!

In case you missed it: Arizona Special: Monitoring Indoor Air Quality for Your Health and for Science Watch the recording.

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