Amateur Astronomers First to Spot Starry Outburst

It had been more than 10 years since the two-star system known as U Scorpii had erupted into one of its unpredictable bursts of brightness. Then yesterday morning, two amateur astronomers in Florida observed this “recurrent nova” come to life. Barbara Harris spotted it first and Shawn Dvorak soon confirmed. They notified the American Association … Read more “Amateur Astronomers First to Spot Starry Outburst”

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Sci4Cits comes alive at the Science Online 2010 conference!

The science blogging community gathered (in person) at the increasingly popular Science Online 2010 conference in Durham, N.C. this past weekend where I was invited to chat about Adult Science Literacy, Science in the Media, and Citizen Science. I had the chance to unveil this beta version of  Sci4cits to an enthusiastic reception from the … Read more “Sci4Cits comes alive at the Science Online 2010 conference!”

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