What is Citizen Science Month?

Citizen Science Month, held every April, is a month-long celebration of citizen science, where volunteers from all walks of life get involved in research by collecting data, analyzing results and helping solve some of the biggest problems in science. Citizen Science Month is the perfect time to explore a new citizen science project or introduce your friends and family to the world of citizen science.
What do all Citizen Science Month events and featured projects have in common? They prepare people to help answer research questions that can’t be answered without volunteers. Below, we’ve gathered up some of our favorite resources to get you started.

The Citizen Science Month page has everything you need to get started this April. Find featured projects, upcoming events and resources to get involved.

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We’ve got more than a hundred (!!!) events lined up for Citizen Science Month this year. You can find the full list of citizen science events on our calendar, spanning everything from the future of health and medicine to water quality and events about how to train your brain. Whatever you’re interested in…there’s an event for that!

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Ready to get citizen science-ing, but not sure where to begin? Featured citizen science projects, including Globe at Night and Stall Catchers, make great introductions to citizen science. Look for special events from both during April.

Measure Light in the Night with Citizen Science on April 5.

Join the Stall Catchers Catchathon, April 28-29.

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Want to get your community doing citizen science? There are tons of Citizen Science Month resources to make sure your hard work pays off. Create an event, find promotional materials like social media graphics and more on SciStarter’s resources page

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April 1, All Day

ScIC “Science is Cool” is brought to you by PocketLab, a science technology company founded by teachers.


This upcoming ScIC Unconference is in honor of Citizen Science Month.

Presenters include: StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice, National Geographic Education, Science Friday, PocketLab, PhET Interactive Simulations, Exploratorium, Ngen TV Africa, Kesler Science, Activate Learning, SciStarter, plus Dr. Liz Warren, Senior Program Director for the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory

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April 3 at 10 AM ET

Spend your Saturday morning with National Geographic’s “Weird But True!” and PBS’s “SciGirls” in an event presented by SciStarter. The event will be hosted by Kid Reporters from TIME for Kids who will moderate the live event, interview celebrities and make sure YOUR questions get answered!

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April 16 at 2 PM ET

Did you know you can help make new scientific discoveries by gaming online? Participate in one (or all!) of our most popular citizen science games: Stall Catchers, Eterna and Neureka. Best of all, you can play from anywhere!

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April 29 at 9 PM ET
Join Dave Eicher, Editor-in-Chief of Astronomy Magazine, as he moderates a Q&A with the leaders of the Aurorasaurus, Spiral Graph and Smartphone Astrophotography citizen science projects.

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Discover more citizen science on the SciStarter calendar. Did you know your SciStarter dashboard helps you track your contributions to projects? Complete your profile to access free tools. Want even more citizen science? Check out SciStarter’s Project Finder! With citizen science projects spanning every field of research, task and age group, there’s something for everyone!

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