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It’s officially Fall — let’s talk trees, please! Trees cool and moisten our air, fill it with oxygen, store carbon and provide food, fuel, and building materials for humans. And, more than that, they’re just plain nice to look at!

That’s why the Girl Scouts have made trees, and the environments that support them, a big part of their citizen science efforts. But you don’t have to be a Girl Scout to take part! Find out about the Girl Scout Tree Promise and other tree- and nature-focused initiatives below.

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NASA GLOBE Observer: Trees guides you on how to use your smartphone to report local tree height measurements that complement NASA satellite observations.


Scientists use the data to study carbon ecosystems (trees take up carbon from the atmosphere) and the global environment.
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Anyone can participate in the Girl Scout Tree Promise! Check out the special project page on SciStarter to find even more projects that you and your friends and family can do together to study and observe the trees around you.


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Connect with your community to spread awareness about climate change. Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts can participate in these important citizen science projects that aid scientists in observing, recording and studying climate change. Materials are also available in Spanish!


Ends November 30


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Check out our last SciStarter LIVE! when we were joined by a NASA science specialist from the GLOBE Observer: Trees project.


Plus, we discovered how participating in the project supports THREE Girl Scouts programs on SciStarter: the Girl Scout Tree Promise, the Girl Scout Climate Challenge, and the Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey.


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It’s easy to Think Like a Scientist.


Participating in scientific research can be a part of your life. The Girl Scouts make it as simple as 1-2-3.


1) Observe a scientist.
2) Analyze data.
3) Capture new data that will be used by scientists to answer the big questions facing humanity today!


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Events and Opportunities

Great North American Fungi Quest

September 15 – October 15
Join this BioBlitz to get out and discover, photograph and identify all fungi and friends, including mushrooms, slime molds and lichen. The data will be collected into one continental fungi map.

Professional Development for Libraries – Introducing New Citizen Science Resources


October 26, 2-3 pm ET


For all librarians! This webinar is part of the Professional Development for Libraries Series hosted by the National Citizen and Community Science Library Network.


Learn about new library kit resources for doing citizen science in the community, along with new webpages on the SciStarter website to help bring citizen science to your community.



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