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With flu season right around the corner, it’s the time of year where you might be thinking about your health a little more than normal. Participating in these simple projects not only gives you access to more data on your health, it helps researchers better understand the human body.

Help track disease outbreaks, sharpen your memory skills, learn new healthy habits and more with this batch of projects from SciStarter.

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YOU can be one in a million. All of Us is looking for volunteers to share their health data with researchers to make sure health research includes everyone, from all backgrounds. Help end “one size fits all” medicine.

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Want to sharpen your mental game, and contribute to science at the same time? Check out the Online Memory Training Study from University of California researchers. Play games and answer simple questions as you improve your cognitive fitness.

The study consists of tests and a number of questionnaires that will help the researchers see how different tasks might help improve memory as we age.

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The best way to keep communities safe during cold and flu season is to get ahead of outbreaks before they happen. You can contribute to this important work with Outbreaks Near Me.

Log cold and flu symptoms to help show experts where these diseases might be spreading. With better data, we can head off outbreaks before they spread.

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Credit: Flyingtigersite/Wikimedia Commons

Our moods and emotions are incredibly unique, so understanding what makes people happy, or unhappy is difficult.

Scientists want to gather better, more personalized data to help design treatments for things like depression. You can help out by playing simple games that examine decision making and happiness with this project.

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Credit: Nicola Fioravanti/Unsplash

Get to the heart of human health with this research study examining the predictors of heart disease using surveys, wearable tech and more. It’s all in the service of compiling the most detailed database of cardiovascular health ever assembled.

Find out more about how you can get involved!

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WILD HOPE is a new series of short films highlighting the intrepid changemakers who are working to restore and protect our planet. Each half-hour episode inspires audiences with stories of bold interventions, unexpected alliances and nature’s resilience.

WILD HOPE is partnering with SciStarter to give viewers opportunities to act on the issues they’re learning about through citizen science. As you watch the series, explore projects that align with the topics featured in each episode on our new WILD HOPE microsite on SciStarter.

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Join the SciStarter team Tuesdays from 2-3PM ET to hear from project leaders, get tips on participating and learn about the impact of contributing to volunteer-powered science. Join in from anywhere via Zoom or watch the live stream on SciStarter’s Facebook page.

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Nov. 7: Outbreaks Near Me

“Healthy, thanks” or “Not feeling well” is all you have to say to contribute to Outbreaks Near Me. Your answer helps researchers track outbreaks of contagious illnesses across the map. Join us to hear from project manager Autumn Gertz to learn how you can get involved, and what they’ve learned over the past few years of this very successful project.

Nov. 14: Sourdough for Science

Join Emma from SciStarter and Guest Chef Alex as they walk you through the magical biology of sourdough, and show how you can make your own tasty loaf while contributing to the science of yeast! Guest Chef Alex will show us a few tips and tricks to make your sourdough amazing.


Science Near Me

What’s happening near you today? With Science Near Me, find a broad range of local and virtual science-related discussions, festivals, policy forums and events. Discover activities to do at home, online, star parties with local astronomy clubs, science nights at nearby bars and much more!

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