Shaaaaark! Hackfest for the World’s Biggest Fish

whalesharkTitle: Shaaaaark! Hackfest for the World’s Biggest Fish

Goal: Produce a mobile- and tablet-friendly spot mapping tool to allow whale shark researchers to quickly map the spots on a whale shark in the browser of their favorite device and then submit that pattern to our existing grid computer. In short, we need some help with JavaScript to create a simple tool for shark researchers all over the world.

Why should you join this project? We hope to teach participants in our “HackFest for Whale Sharks” about the techniques researchers all over the world use to identify and track individual whale sharks as a part of population analysis. Participants can apply their JavaScript skills in context to aid a global, collaborative community of researchers and volunteers. Along the way, they will learn about how we use open source (Wildbook) to make research techniques and investment reusable across species. Learn about sharks. Learn about mark-recapture for wildlife research. Contribute to open source. Have fun!

What skills are needed? Programming experience, Enthusiasm, Ideas, UX/UI

What skills will this project’s organizer bring? Programming in Java and Javascript. Open source background and existing source control. Experience managing software developers and biologists in coordinated teams for wildlife citizen science.

What materials will this project’s organizer bring? A laptop.

What other materials would be valuable? Laptops.

Project website:

Contact: Jon Van Oast

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